A big part of knowing what your strength and career possibilities are, lies buried under EXPOSURE. Kids may not know about jobs of the future because they don’t see everyone around them using that technology… yet. Drones 4 Girls will introduce these amazing machines to boys + girls in grades 4, 5 or 6.

Showing kids what an aerial drone looks like and talking about a few things it can do is only the beginning. Demonstrations in school classrooms will bring the technology front and center to help kids explore the basics of math, physics and technology.

Drones 4 Girls will shows them a fun tool they can use to teach elements of the curriculum. This will happen through a flight / curriculum orientation that helps teachers get the drones out of the box and into their classroom. Doing that spreads the technology to thousands of children over the course of those educators’ career.

By keeping class demos and teacher meetups FREE, we can ease the financial burden on heavily taxed public schools.

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