Get Involved

Learn more about flying drones by using them at home. The dji Tello, available for $120. The Tello is programmable using Scratch software, developed at MIT. There are mini drones that are also compatible with Snap, Droneblocks and Tynker’s programmable software as well.

After that, one can explore the many developmental aspects of drone education, such as after school programs, Girl Scout activities, Spring Break or Summer Camps. One can also explore many of the real-world uses of drones in various industries. Click on each link for just a few examples– agriculture, research, aerial mapping, health care, construction, real estate, and action sports.

A candidate must be 16 years of age or older to earn the license to fly a drone for commercial uses. With a firm command of math and science basics, one can study for the FAA Part 107 exam and secure a uav pilot’s license at an approved FAA Knowledge Test Center.