A big part of knowing what your strength & career possibilities lies buried under EXPOSURE. Kids may not know about jobs of the future because they don’t see everyone around them using that technology… yet. Drones 4 Girls focuses on bringing drone technology to girls AWAY FROM school hours. Its crowd funding campaign will introduce these amazing machines to boys + girls DURING school hours.

In class demos bring the technology front & center for kids to decide if they want to explore while understanding why the basics of math & science are critical to developing their strengths. Showing kids what an aerial drone looks like and talking about a few things it can do is only the beginning.

Drones 4 Girls will introduce teachers to the technology in a way that grooms a community, creates a fun way to educate kids, and generates a potent revenue stream. This will happen through a flight / curriculum orientation that helps teachers get the drones out of the box and into their classroom. Doing that spreads the technology to thousands of children over the course of those educators’ career.

The crowd funding campaign is a way to say “Yes. My community wants / need more exposure to this technology.” — a way to measure interest in the community with dollars. Corporations will support an investment here that shows them where to join consumers. This is your chance to help public schools in Detroit. By keeping class demos, Spring Break workshops and teacher meetups FREE, we ease financial burden from heavily taxed public schools.

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